People of Sevilla: Live Portraits by Elena Gual

Arma Gallery - Contemporary Art - Elena Gual - People of Sevilla - Upcoming - 10

On Monday, June 3, at Plaza España in Sevilla, an exceptional artistic event will take place. From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, artist Elena Gual will be creating live portraits of attendees. This event, titled “People of Sevilla,” draws inspiration from her past projects such as “People of Madrid” and “People of Mallorca,” with a […]

Pleasures of Body Painting: Exploring the Sensual Imagery of Wycliffe Mundopa

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Wycliffe Mundopa Solo Show - Madrid 2024 - 04

At the end of Balzac’s “The Unknown Masterpiece,” the painting that Frenhofer has created of the beautiful nude model is finally revealed, and the surprise is terrible: the desire to see unveils a “wall of paint,” a crazed tangle of gestures that seem to bury a real foot, the trace of a lost body. This […]

Arma Gallery: Urvanity Contemporary Fair

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Urvanity Art Fair - 2024 - 07

This year, Arma Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the Urvanity contemporary art fair, opening its doors on March 7th at Matadero and running until March 10th. You can find us at booth A20, where you’ll discover works by three of our artists: Natalia Romanciuc Firstly, Natalia Romanciuc, a young Moldovan artist renowned […]

Natalia Romanciuc x ARMA Gallery: All of Them and None

ARMA GALLERY - contemporary art - Solo Show - All of them and none - 11

On January 18th, ARMA GALLERY at 30 Valverde Street, Madrid, will unveil the solo exhibition of artist Natalia Romanciuc. This event will immerse us in a unique conceptual journey, exploring the deepest layers of human existence through the artist’s works. The exhibition will be open for visits from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 […]

Abstract vs. Figurative: Exploring Artistic Dialogues Today

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Abstract vs Figurative : Dialogues Today - 21

Immersing ourselves in a visual dialogue between abstraction and figuration, we explore the works of Papartus, Natalia Romanciuc, Elena Gual, Wycliffe Mundopa, and Jorge Nava. Each of these artists has sculpted a distinctive style that elevates the artistic experience to new heights, delving into the complexities of artistic duality in diverse ways. Papartus: Abstract Lines […]

Works on paper by Elena Gual

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Elena Gual - Works on Paper - 10

Elena Gual has dazzled with her recent series titled “People of Madrid,” marking a milestone by venturing into the realm of works on paper for the first time. This shift not only signifies a significant artistic evolution but also expands her already impressive portfolio. Elena’s creative exploration on paper was not without challenges. Previous attempts […]

ARMA GALLERY: Unveils new space and inaugural exhibition

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Encuentro Exhibition - Press Blog - 11

ARMA GALLERY proudly announces the grand opening of its new space located at Valverde 30, Madrid. The inauguration took place on December 13, 2023, featuring a captivating inaugural exhibition curated by the esteemed Oscar Manrique. Inaugural Exhibition: A Fusion of Generations and Disciplines Curated by Oscar Manrique, the exhibition showcases a diverse group of talented […]

Art that Confronts: The Pictorial Voice of Wycliffe Mundopa

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - The Pictorial Voice of Wycliffe Mundopa - 10

Wycliffe Mundopa (b. 1987, Rusape, Zimbabwe) was raised in the high-density suburbs of Harare, and his art career started in Mbare. He is a firsthand witness to the intimate and informal cultural structures that simultaneously exploit and empower women. His compositions stand out for a strong female presence, challenging gender stereotypes with nuanced and skillful […]

Body, Soul, and Emotion: Exploring Essence in Natalia Romanciuc’s Art

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Body, Soul and Emotion - Natalia Romanciuc - 03

In the intricate tapestry of Natalia Romanciuc’s artistic creations, each brushstroke is more than a visual expression; it is a portal inviting us to explore the complex layers of the human being. In this profound inquiry, the Moldovan artist takes us on a journey through the dimensions of body, soul, and emotion, challenging artistic conventions […]

Colors that Speak: The Visual Narrative of Papartus

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Colors that Speak - Papartus - 04

Immersing oneself in the fascinating universe of Papartus is delving into a unique visual narrative where colors stand as the protagonists of a wordless story. Every stroke, every shade is an expression of an abstract language that speaks directly to emotions and imagination. In Papartus’s works, colors are not mere visual palettes but eloquent storytellers […]