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Natalia Romanciuc x ARMA Gallery: All of Them and None

On January 18th, ARMA GALLERY at 30 Valverde Street, Madrid, will unveil the solo exhibition of artist Natalia Romanciuc. This event will immerse us in a unique conceptual journey, exploring the deepest layers of human existence through the artist’s works. The exhibition will be open for visits from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 pm, until February 18th.

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Despite her brief life, Moldovan-born artist Natalia Romanciuc, who claims to embody various women, opens herself up to put on canvas what lies within. Harmonizing the chaos of her emotions through painting, Romanciuc’s artwork not only fills the space with its large format but also captivates with the strength of its protagonists. Figures that symbolize the complex relationship between spirit and body, essence and presence, through the lens of the most subjective expressionism, inviting us to delve into the human condition and awaken spiritually through her art.

“As Kandinsky begins his general notes on ‘Spiritual in Art,’ ‘Every work of art is a child of its time, often a mother of our feelings.'” Like Kandinsky, Romanciuc considers painting as nourishment for the spirit, with the artist as the hand that resonates with the soul. The painter and theorist’s assertion that each painting mysteriously encapsulates a whole life, filled with suffering, doubts, moments of enthusiasm, and light, is palpable in Romanciuc’s work. Her art is strongly inspired by the power and strength of the female body, capable of creating life. Motherhood, viewed by the artist as a divine gift, permeates the recent stage of her work, much like sharp objects pierce the skin of her protagonists—a physical representation of her spiritual and emotional openness.

Thus, Natalia Romanciuc presents herself to the viewer through her art with her heart clenched symbolically in most cases and literally in others, as seen in ‘When we met the heavens were being torn by Seraphim singing,’ painted last summer during her visit to Madrid.

This artist conceives art as a tool to cultivate and provoke her own spiritual development—an approach to inner nature from the outside. Romanciuc encourages us to open our chests, remove our hearts and feelings, placing them on canvas, dissecting them into forms and colors that bring us closer to the essence, the spirit, to our vibrancy.

Inés Alonso Jarabo

Natalia Romanciuc was born in 1996 in the Republic of Moldova, where, after deciding to pursue painting at the age of 17, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau. Ten years after this decision, Natalia Romanciuc won the I Prize at the 2023 International Biennial of Painting in Chisinau, organized by the National Museum of Art of Moldova, where her work is currently on display. Additionally, she has participated in numerous exhibitions, including solo shows such as the one held at Arbor Art Room in Bucharest (2018) or EGO Phagocytosis at Kulterra Gallery in Bucharest (2023). After participating in fairs like Estampa with ARMA Gallery, this artist’s work can be found in private collections around the globe, from the United States to Russia, China, Switzerland, and Australia.

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