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Nadia Benyahya (Madrid, 1984) is a visual artist specializing in oil artist specialized in figurative oil painting.
Like Kerouac, this Madrilenian with an unrepeatable surname is only interested in people who are crazy for living,
crazy to talk, crazy to save themselves, wanting to do everything at the same time, everything at the same time. And that madness that keeps us sane is the protagonist of her work. Incombustible and with the instinct for science, she searches for that second that has just gone, creating photograms of a fire. How could his paintings not her paintings look like a dirty verse of Sabina in Sofia Coppola’s mouth? At the same time delicate, her way of painting is like being hit by a light in the middle of the stomach.

We live in a world of appearances in which we have become disconnected from ourselves and from disconnected from ourselves and from others. We no longer have the time to know what we feel or why we feel it, nor the courage to show ourselves as we are, without filters or artifice. We invest all our effort in window dressing, and leave the main room in complete darkness.

With my painting I try to offer a switch that illuminates the way back. In this line, I seek to capture the light and the sensations that surround it by using oil on canvas, linen or wood. My aim is to transcend the obvious and capture the essence.
A priori it might seem that the painting captures a specific moment. Something static and encapsulated. But life is
movement, just like the emotions that are told in my works. Therefore, in the quest to amplify its impact, I am investigating its accompaniment through an audiovisual piece. Starting from the creative process of the painting itself,
together with shots that capture the sensory universe that accompanies the piece.


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