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Andrés Sanchez, known as Piro (Plasencia, Spain 1994), is a visual artist and expressionist. His work delves into the vital impulse and the stroke, in a continuous quest to create a sensory piece. Expressionism manifests through progressive impulses translated into strokes, characterized by plastic freshness, where color and vibration saturate the entire canvas. A autobiographical body of work full of identity and energy that generates fully sensory pieces. With a degree in Design from the Complutense University of Madrid, he began exploring artistic creation on the streets under his pseudonym “Misterpiro,” a background that he integrated into his studio work. There, freedom, experimentation, and expressionism interact with various surfaces and objects.

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Piro’s work unfolds from the deepest subjectivity, vital experiences where kilometers, people, and moments generate a range of intangible sensations and memories. An immaterial inspiration emerges through the characteristic abstract expressionism of his work, progressively developing through material, color, and forms across his entire body of work.

While expressionism is known for breaking away from the established, in Piro’s work, this departure transforms into complete freedom of creation. A freedom filled with vital emotions at their peak, where music, humor, and play become essential ingredients in the process.

“In my work, I always seek to explore creative connections with everything I encounter daily. I love to experiment, combine, and go beyond the marked limits. I believe art should be present in everything; I think it’s essential for living life to the fullest.”

The result stands as a testament to the creative impulse, presenting a “progressive expressionism” of sensations and feelings gradually appearing in the work, transformed into plastic and strokes—an act of symbolic creation that transports us through a spectrum of emotions.



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