ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - About Us - September 2023

We believe in new ways to live Contemporary art

We identify ourselves not merely as a conventional gallery but as a phygital contemporary art gallery.

In our commitment to blend the physical and the digital, we maintain a robust physical space in Madrid, situated at Calle Valverde 30. This space serves as the stage for various exhibitions and showcases of our artists, providing a tangible platform to appreciate art in its most authentic form.

Our vision transcends borders, and that’s why we strive to showcase Spanish talents on the international stage of art. Simultaneously, we seek to attract international artists to participate in the Spanish and local art scene.

What does it mean for us to be a phygital art gallery? It’s more than a concept; it’s a living art form that manifests itself in both the digital and physical realms. We meticulously curate our online presence through exhibitions on platforms like Artsy while harnessing the energy of our physical space in Madrid.

Working on specific projects, be it in the realm of art fairs, emerging exhibitions, or institutional collaborations, allows us to express artists’ ideas and communicate art in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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Arena Martínez (Madrid, 1993), the visionary behind Arma Gallery, serves as the founder and director. Born into a family of artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts, she has been immersed in the art scene since childhood. With a diverse career spanning auction houses, galleries, and art fairs, Arena has participated in roundtable discussions at prestigious international art fairs, delving into discussions about art collection. Her mission is to explore new ways of showcasing artistic talent.

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Arena ventured into the art world by selling works through her brand that merges art and fashion, “Arena Martínez.” In 2018, she made her debut at the first art fair, representing artists collaborating with her brand at the intersection of fashion and art. Later, Arma Gallery embarked on a nomadic journey, participating in various art fairs to provide visibility and support to artists. In mid-2022, the project found its anchor online with Artsy, transforming into a phygital art gallery. In 2023, the gallery opened the doors to its physical space in Madrid, solidifying its tangible presence in the city. This marked a milestone in the project’s evolution, uniquely combining a strong digital presence with a dedicated physical space in the heart of Madrid.


We extend an invitation to explore our physical space in Madrid, located at Calle Valverde 30. The gallery is open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and appointments can be scheduled outside these hours for your convenience.