ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - About Us - September 2023

We believe in new ways to live Contemporary art

We call ourselves, not a regular gallery, but a phygital Contemporary art gallery.

What is phygital? A mix between physical and digital.

What is a phygital art gallery? A new concept of a gallery where we have a strong presense online and our physical presense is very well studied between specific pop up exhibitions and strategic artfairs around the globe.

We believe in the importance of a digital strong presense nowadays. This is why we concentrate on a digital programme with online exhibitions and viewing rooms through our artsy platform and a phyisical programme through worldwide pop up exhibition and key artfairs.

By working by projects such as an specific artfair, a pop up art exhibition or an institutional show , we are able to express the artist idea and communicate art in a deeper way without limitations.

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Arena Martínez (Madrid 1993), founder and director of Arma Gallery.
Was born into a family of artists, art collectors and mainly deep art lovers. She has been involved in the art scene since she was a child. She has worked in auctions houses, galleries and art fairs during her career. Arena has also participated in round tables at prestigious international art fairs to discuss art collecting and wants to explore new ways of showcasing artists talent.

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The founder began her activity selling art within her brand that mixes art and fashion , “ Arena Martínez”. In 2018 she participated in the first art fair representing artists with whom she was collaborating with her fashion&art brand. Since then , Arma Gallery was a nomadic project going to different art fairs giving visibility and support to artists. In 2022, during COVID-19, the project takes root online with Artsy and becomes a phygital art gallery.