Florentino Diaz

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Self-taught in 1978, he studied engraving at the Madrid School of Arts and Crafts, however, the Actual Art Workshops of the Madrid Fine Arts Circle were the ones that marked his training. Among them those of Ràfols-Casamada, José Guerrero, Manolo Valdés, Hernández Pijuan and Saura. His careful and subtle language, without more excesses than necessary, gains more strength in his sculptures and installations. Away from minimalist iconography, it is through his stays in Germany - Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen- that he imbues himself with Beuys theories, acquiring a clear idea of the meaning of essential issues for his work such as: scale, weight and the idea. His works are characterized by density; they are resounding, opaque, aggressive, and of great physical presence. Florentino Díaz uses the environment that surrounds him to obtain the materials he needs in his projects and the ideological support to carry them out, so that, in his works, he refers above all to the mental and social history of his country from the beginning, forcefulness that begins with the means used, such as the wooden boxes of greengrocers or the rubber and steel of his creations of the year 2000. The individual exhibitions in the Ángel Romero Gallery, Madrid (1988), Emilio Navarro Gallery, Madrid (1995) stand out.), and Max Estrella Gallery, Madrid (2000).



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