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Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Artists - Hilario Bravo - 02

Born in Cáceres, Spain in 1955, his beginnings in the art world were manifested in the Basque Country with his first forays into conceptual and action art, but soon the artist began to transfer his concerns to the purely plastic arts sphere. In 1983 he traveled, with a grant from the Guipúzcoa Provincial Council, throughout Central Europe, and especially to Berlin. The German Expressionists cause a huge impact on the creative spirit of the artist who lead a recovery of primitive art and its freedom and immediacy. At the same time, his studies in European museums on the cultures of the South Seas, Africa and the East mean that this growing and progressive interest of the artist with respect to other cultures leads him, in 1987, to deepen and cultivate his knowledge about the religious systems and the cosmogonic attitudes of the human being. You can define an artist as a character inserted in new plastic searches, and as an explorer with a thought that oscillates between reflection and action, in continuous learning. In his travels he testifies to his experiences and research in a good number of field notebooks. Some books deserve enormous aesthetic interest in which he turns his creation from reflections on literature such as "The burning water. Jarchas mozárabes" (1997) or the most recent "Odi et amo", on the love work of Catulo ( 2020).



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