ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Wycliffe Mundopa Solo Show - Madrid 2024 - 02


STARTING FROM February 28th at 7pm.

Fernando Castro curates “Pleasures of Body Painting: On the Sensual Imagery of Wycliffe Mundopa,” an exhibition showcasing the vibrant paintings of Zimbabwean artist Wycliffe Mundopa. Mundopa’s work celebrates the lives of women and children in Harare, Zimbabwe, drawing on modernist traditions and vibrant colors to capture vitality and sensuality. Combining oil paint and fabric collage on bright, theatrical canvases, Mundopa’s compositions feature bold figures and whimsical details, inviting viewers into a carnival-like world. The exhibition opens on February 28th at 7pm.

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ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Shows - Upcoming - Natalia Romanciuc

Ines Alonso Jarabo curates the solo exhibition of artist Natalia Romanciuc, set to debut on January 18th at ARMA GALLERY in Madrid. Romanciuc, a Moldovan-born artist, offers a profound exploration of human existence through her artworks. Despite her brief life, she channels various women’s experiences onto canvas, harmonizing emotional chaos into captivating large-format pieces. Her protagonists symbolize the intricate interplay between spirit and body, essence and presence, inviting viewers to delve into the human condition and awaken spiritually through her expressive art. The exhibition will be open for visits Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 pm, until February 23th.

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ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Shows - Encuentro


Madrid 2023

On December 13, ARMA GALLERY unveiled its new space with a group exhibition curated by Oscar Manrique. The exhibition celebrates the diversity and evolution of contemporary painting, ranging from abstraction to new figurative forms. Featured artists include Elena Gual, Natalia Romanciuc, Papartus, Jorge Nava, Seleka, Misterpiro, Carlos Cartaxo, and Juan Sotomayor.

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ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Shows - Elena Gual - Metamorfosis

From September 7th to 14th, the first solo exhibition of the artist, titled “Metamorphosis,” took place in collaboration with ARMA GALLERY. This art exhibition was a journey through the evolution of her artistic career, as well as her most recent works.

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Before and After - Show - 01


Madrid 2022

On the 14th of December 2022 an event took place, in the form of a group exhibition called “A before and after”, to inaugurate our name change. Arena Martinez Projects has become Arma Gallery, AR for Arena and MA for Martinez, founder and gallery owner. In addition, Arma has a strong meaning to represent our gallery.

Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Exhibition - Brocense Art Gallery


Cáceres 2022

Institutional exhibition hosted by The deputation of Cáceres in the space El Brocense created by Arena Martinez and curated by Ana Rincón exhibiting artworks from Elena Gual, Misterpiro, Marina Vargas, Papartus, Juan Sotomayor, Juana González and Carlos Cartaxo.

Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Ceramics - 2


Madrid 2021

Collaboration with one of our contemporary artists, Papartus to develop a ceramic collection and collaborative exhibition with seismasuno gallery to show the project at their space.

Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Exhibition - Joaquin Roncal Center


Zaragoza 2020

Exhibition curated by Arena Martinez in the CAI Center in Zaragoza exhibiting artworks from Marina Vargas, Juan Sotomayor, Misterpiro and Papartus.

Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - One bag many smiles

Collaboration with 20 artists to develop a non profitable Project to gain funds for a charity cause.
Collaboration with Juliao Sarmento, Jannis Varelas, Marina Vargas, Santiado Ydañez, J. Manuel Ciria, José Dávila, Miki Leal, Alberto Corazón, Mattias Sánchez, Jorge Galindo, Okuda…