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Dance series / Bodies of Light

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CURATORIAL TEXT by Victoria Rivers

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May 29th to July 26th

Entering the world of art is discovering an intimate connection between man and his environment, an eternal dialogue between the past and the present, between the earthly and the divine. In this journey, we encounter art that is committed to the earth, ancestral and sacred, transcending the barriers of time and immersing us in the mysteries of nature.

Images that are like seals, impregnated with infinite matter, serving as a vehicle to convey a message that goes beyond the obvious. Conceptual and spiritual, Rob Woodcox (Texas, 1990) is a creator of magical compositions, a landscaper of space through the human body. His work reproduces secret rituals, and photography is the trace it leaves, the key to connecting us.

A work of spiritual performative character, finding meaning through the space it inhabits, showing us a new way to approach active conversations in modern societies.

“Bodies of Light” is a series of images that are part of a larger project, where Woodcox merges the grace of human movement with the environment, creating visual representations that transcend the physical to capture the very essence of life in motion.

In “Bodies of Light”, we delve into a series of images where the central idea is that “We are made of stardust” (1). This poetic yet scientifically grounded phrase reminds us that we are heirs to the primordial explosion (2) of the stars’ dance in the vast universe. Our bodies, made of light, bear the imprint of those stars that once illuminated the firmament.

This connection extends not only to humans but also to our planet and all forms of life that inhabit it, for without the stars, none of this would exist. The work invites us to contemplate how humans are intrinsically linked to nature, suggesting that in their native environment, these bodies can radiate a light that transcends the tangible.

Woodcox thus becomes the conduit between reality and the transcendental, fostering a new form of communication through his artistic expressiveness. Performative creation manifests through the fusion of various elements, where people operate in complete synergy in service of a common purpose.

From this global perspective, born of reflection and meditation, creation becomes a macro-production orchestrated by the artist, unfolding an entire choreography of events, acts, and consequences.

Woodcox infuses each composition with carefully calculated symmetry filled with patterns that evoke a sense of divine order. Every element, every person in the frame, is precisely positioned amid the grand stage of nature, creating a visual structure that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of balance.

Through this combination of form and meaning, between the multidisciplinary and preeminent, one perceives the dreams of a social and socialized art seeking to break free from the limits of this society. Diversity, inclusion, and the infinite nature of our being are in full expansion towards what becomes an art committed to the earth and the people who inhabit it.

Sacred, ancestral, and conscious, few epiphanies have given us so much in a single image. The idea that took so long to materialize becomes an eternal image and with it, its message.

“Bodies of Light” is above all a living legacy in continuous development, the testimony of our connection with the cosmos. A reminder of our celestial nature that invites the viewer to reflect on ephemeral existence, our imprint on the world we inhabit, and the eternal dance of the light that surrounds us.

Victoria Rivers
Art Curator & Writer

1. A phrase by the famous astronomer, cosmologist, and scientist Carl Edward Sagan, reflecting the scientific reality that almost all elements of the human body were formed in a star, with many having arrived through several supernovae.

2. The Big Bang is the scientific theory about the beginning of the universe, the initial point at which matter, space, and time were formed.

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