ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Urvanity Art Fair - 2024 - 07

Arma Gallery: Urvanity Contemporary Fair

This year, Arma Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the Urvanity contemporary art fair, opening its doors on March 7th at Matadero and running until March 10th. You can find us at booth A20, where you’ll discover works by three of our artists:

Natalia Romanciuc

Firstly, Natalia Romanciuc, a young Moldovan artist renowned for her work in large-format. Through painting and canvas, she seeks to portray the female figure as a divine being. Natalia’s artistic style balances between figurative expressionism and modern symbolism.

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She employs distortion as her preferred method to manifest mental and emotional states. Her work reflects the spiritual journey to oneself, the powerful female presence, and the connection between chaos and harmony. With her dynamic brushwork, vibrant colors, and detail-rich compositions, Natalia’s work offers an excellent proposition for this edition of Urvanity.

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Natalia Romanciuc is part of the emerging and growing new generation of artists, with her early age featuring collections in places like the USA, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Switzerland, and Italy.

Jorge Nava

Secondly, Jorge Nava, a Spanish artist whose work features striking imagery and playful strokes. He represents landscapes and natural scenes in a contemporary and conceptual manner. 

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Throughout his career, he has been influenced by abstract expressionism, nature, and poetic and philosophical references, forging his essence in pictorial language, experimenting with geometric and organic forms.

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With an impressive portfolio including collections like the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation, Alicia Aza Collection, Talens Foundation in Barcelona, and various private collections in Spain, the United States, Canada, England, Switzerland, and Germany, Jorge Nava undoubtedly brings an experienced perspective to the fair with his trajectory and distinctive style.

Wycliffe Mundopa

Lastly, we have the honor of presenting the work of Mundopa, an artist born in Harare, Zimbabwe. Drawing inspiration from the overlooked aspects of everyday life in his hometown, Mundopa portrays the realities faced by women and children.

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His pieces represent mothers, caregivers, children, and sex workers as central figures, capturing the essence of their existence. Mundopa’s work is characterized by bright and theatrical canvases, combining oil painting with fabric collage. 

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Urvanity Art Fair - 2024

At a time when there is a renewed push towards exoticization and self-exoticization in African art, Wycliffe Mundopa counters with raw honesty and the brutal beauty of his figures. His talent has attracted critical attention and recognition from collectors internationally since his early youth, with works in collections ranging from Norway and Thailand to Cameroon, the USA, Hong Kong, Nigeria, France, Israel, Australia, Kenya, the Netherlands, as well as South Africa and Zimbabwe.

For more information about these artists, we invite you to visit us at the Urvanity fair at booth A20, located at Matadero, Pl. de Legazpi, 8, Madrid. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at

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