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People of Sevilla: Live Portraits by Elena Gual

On Monday, June 3, at Plaza España in Sevilla, an exceptional artistic event will take place. From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, artist Elena Gual will be creating live portraits of attendees. This event, titled “People of Sevilla,” draws inspiration from her past projects such as “People of Madrid” and “People of Mallorca,” with a focus on celebrating the rich diversity and vitality of Sevillians.

The Project

Elena Gual has turned various locations into live art stages, embarking on a creative challenge to swiftly and spontaneously paint portraits of volunteers. She captures the essence of each individual through quick, confident strokes without needing to deeply know the models. This project showcases her ability to portray the personality and individuality of each person, making each portrait an emotional window into the subjects’ souls.

Elena Gual’s project aims to capture not only the essence of individuals but also the culture and spirit of the places she visits. This initiative has spanned beyond Madrid to Mallorca and other locations, reflecting the unique characteristics and diversity of each community. Through her portraits, Elena immortalizes the vibrant life and unique stories of each place, forging a profound connection between art and people.

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Elena Gual: An Artist Without Limits

Born in Mallorca in 1994, Elena Gual has rapidly risen in the contemporary art world. Trained classically at the Florence Academy of Art, Central Saint Martins, and the Royal Academy of London, Gual has honed exceptional skills in natural drawing. This expertise allows her to capture the most distinctive and individual features of her models with precision.

Following an allergic reaction to turpentine, Elena Gual had to change her technique, adopting the palette knife as her primary tool. This shift not only enabled her to continue her artistic journey but also gave her a new voice and a more personal expression in her work. Her unique and charismatic style has been recognized in exhibitions in London and New York, and she now brings her talent to the streets of Sevilla.

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People of Sevilla: An Encounter with Live Art

Building on the success of previous editions, the “People of Sevilla” event will give residents and visitors the chance to be painted by Elena Gual. Each portrait will be an emotional snapshot, a unique and personalized representation of each individual. The artist will capture the essence of each person quickly and accurately, creating a collection that reflects the diversity and beauty of Sevilla’s people.

The concept behind “People of Sevilla” is similar to its predecessors: capturing the essence and individuality of people through quick, spontaneous portraits. The impressive architecture and vibrant atmosphere of Plaza España will provide the perfect backdrop for this event. Participants will have the opportunity to take home a unique and personal memento.

View artworks from “People of Madrid” available on Artsy.

A Call to Creativity

Elena Gual invites everyone interested to join her at Plaza España for this unique artistic experience. It’s not just about getting a portrait; it’s about participating in a creative moment and witnessing a talented painter at work. “People of Sevilla” celebrates individuality and diversity, offering each person a chance to see themselves reflected in art.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of “People of Sevilla” and be painted live by Elena Gual. Visit Plaza España in Sevilla on Monday, June 3, between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and enjoy a unique artistic event that celebrates the diversity and beauty of every individual.

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