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Art Madrid ’23: ARMA GALLERY

Last week of February, from 22 to 26, Arma Gallery had the pleasure of attending one of the most important art fairs: Art Madrid, which takes place every year at the Palacio de Cristal de Cibeles, located in full heart of Madrid.

Arma Gallery, an art gallery that offers a new concept of a phygital gallery, was founded in 2018 by Arena Martínez (Madrid 1993), who has exhibited at several national and international fairs and exhibitions. His commitment to contemporary art and his passion for the work of emerging artists are reflected in his careful selection of works.

The fair began with a breakfast at the stand where they talked about the exhibited works and art, by the hand of some of the represented artists such as Nadia Benyahya and Elena Gual; and influential people from the art world attended such as María Bueno, Martina Cariddi and Ángela Cariddi.

The exhibition that the gallery presents at Art Madrid 2023 is a collective show of national artists, and the selection of exhibited works is varied. Arma Gallery, together with its team, was exhibiting at stand B4 of the fair works of art by almost all the artists it represents: Elena Gual, Nadia Benyahya, Jorge Nava, Papartus, Juana González and Carlos Cartaxo.

Among the exhibited works, the abstract painting of Papartus stands out, who speaks directly to us through color. Try to deconstruct the established order and rebuild it within the freedom offered by creativity.

Likewise, Jorge Nava‘s gestural and expressionist paintings stand out for their simplicity where color and shape together allow infinite contemplation.

The Spanish artist Carlos Cartaxo develops his works in a contemporary and architectural design, being a self-referential and metalinguistic painting.

The works of Elena Gual are very characteristic for the use of the spatula technique in female figures, through which she promotes gender equality.

Nadia Benyahya is a visual artist specializing in figurative oil painting. Seeks to capture the light and the sensations that surround it.

And finally, one of the most recent works, “Riego” by Juana González, was acquired by the Madrid City Council to display in its collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art. His work stands out for its unique figuration and narration.

In short, the Arma Gallery exhibition at Art Madrid 2023 is a sample of the diversity and richness of contemporary art. The exhibited works are a reflection of the concerns and reflections of today’s artists, and show that art continues to be a fundamental tool for understanding the world around us.

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