Fearless Magazine: Interview with Gallery Owner Arena Martínez and Artist Elena Gual

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Fearless Magazine - Summer Issue - 03

Fearless magazine has featured a report on Arena Martínez and Elena Gual. These two talented women in the art world have captured attention with their unique approach and unwavering passion. Arena Martínez, a renowned gallerist, has created the phygital contemporary art gallery: ARMA GALLERY. On the other hand, Elena Gual, an emerging artist, is leaving her mark in the art world with her representations of women from different races, symbolizing equality and diversity. The report unveils the special connection shared by these two artists, as well as their ambitions and future projects.

To learn more about the fascinating story of Arena Martínez and Elena Gual, you can read the full feature in the Summer issue of Fearless magazine.

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Fearless Magazine - Summer Issue - 01

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