ES’MOART: Unveiling ‘Metamorphosis’ – A Deep Dive into Elena Gual’s Artistry

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ES’MOART and SHEN ‘S&ASOCIADOS joined forces on September 11th to present Elena Gual’s outstanding solo exhibition, titled “Metamorphosis,” at ARMA GALLERY. This young artist, with a solid international career that has taken her from London to New York, and through France, finally decided to showcase her work in Spain.

In an exclusive interview conducted during the event, Elena Gual shared intimate details about her artistic journey. She revealed that, despite initially focusing on music and acting, she discovered her love for painting as a way to overcome stage fright during her adolescence. Painting became her creative refuge, and it was in Amsterdam, in front of a Van Gogh masterpiece, that she decided to pursue a professional career as a painter. This decision, which initially surprised her parents, received their unwavering support.

The message Elena Gual seeks to convey through her art is gender equality, although she currently focuses on highlighting the strength of women in her work. Her first exhibition was a collective experience in France, where she was invited to participate thanks to social media, marking the beginning of her artistic career.

Elena confessed that she can’t always believe what she has achieved, but sharing space with other artists she admires has filled her with excitement. Her primary goal with her work is to stop people in their tracks. In a busy and hectic world, she hopes her paintings inspire viewers to take a moment to appreciate beauty and reflect on her message.

To learn more about Elena Gual’s inspiration and vision, as well as additional details about her exhibition “Metamorphosis,” we invite you to read the full interview at the following link: Elena Gual (Metamorfosis Solo Show) (

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