ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Before and After - Show - 03

“A before and after”

On the 14th of December 2022 an event took place, in the form of a group exhibition called “A before and after”, to inaugurate our name change. Arena Martinez Projects has become Arma Gallery, AR for Arena and MA for Martinez, founder and gallery owner. In addition, Arma has a strong meaning to represent our gallery.

In this exhibition, visibility was given to works that have marked a before and after for the artists who are members of our gallery: Elena Gual, Papartus, Jorge Nava, Juana González, Misterpiro, Carlos Cartaxo and Nadia Benyahya. It should be noted that the latter artist, Nadia Benyahya (Madrid, 1984), is a new member of our repertoire, and is a contemporary visual artist whom we are very pleased to have as part of our team.

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Before and After - Show - 06

It took place physically in the new artists’ residence El Castillete, a welcoming place where art is what moves them, located opposite the Prado Museum. We were also very lucky to collaborate with the famous brand Cervezas la Cibeles and with the exquisite wines of the winery Viñas Familia Gil; as well as with the professionalism of our friend Louis Bdp, who was in charge of making incredibly beautiful and delicious tables.

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Before and After - Show - 04

It was a real pleasure to chat about art with the people who attended, among them the artists, and from here we thank you because it was magical to see how this project is evolving with our faithful followers, as well as the new ones, who will always be welcome.

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