Revista: 4 artists not to be missed from the Madrid Art Week | Wycliffe Mundopa

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The highlighted article in “Revista” magazine showcases the presence of Wycliffe Mundopa, a Zimbabwean artist represented by our gallery ARMA GALLERY, at the Madrid Art Week. Mundopa’s work, characterized by a strong feminine presence and an undeniable political and social tone, aims to reflect the reality of the inhabitants of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. His monumental canvases, with brushstrokes reminiscent of Impressionism and a color palette that transports us to Fauvism, capture the viewer’s attention with portraits that seem to be taken from a Chagall circus. Mundopa’s recent solo exhibition at ARMA GALLERY has left a lasting mark, with his work finding a place in collections in various countries, from Norway to the United States. In a world where diversity of voices is increasingly relevant, Wycliffe Mundopa emerges as a prominent exponent of contemporary art, carrying with him a powerful message that transcends borders and awakens consciences. To read the full article, you can visit the following link: 4 artistas a no perder de vista de la Semana del Arte de Madrid. (

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