ARMA GALLERY - Solo Shor - Elena Gual - Formulario


DATES AND TIMES: From 07.09 TO 14.09 | 11-20hrs

ADMISSION: Free and open to all

LOCATION: Calle Jovellanos 7, Madrid


From her beginnings in painting and sculpture at the Accademia d’Arte di Firenze, Elena Gual has forged an impressive path in the art world. Her education in Italy provided her with a solid academic foundation, but it was at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Arts in London where she discovered her creative potential and immersed herself in contemporary art. Despite an unexpected twist in her career due to an allergic reaction that led her away from oil paint and brushes, Elena Gual showcased her skill in impasto and palette knife techniques, allowing her to explore a fascinating three-dimensional sensation in her works, featuring new textures and nuances of light.

Femininity is the central theme of her work, and her experiences and travels around the world have given her a unique perspective on the figure and cultural identity of women. Mindful of the importance of challenging cultural norms that restrict the freedom of the female body, Elena channels her power onto the canvas. The exhibition captivates visitors with portraits and pieces that transcend borders and labels, demonstrating the universality of shared human emotions and experiences. Elena’s artistic style skillfully navigates between the figurative and the abstract, unveiling a constant quest for reality and the human essence.

ARMA GALLERY proudly presents Elena Gual’s exhibition, where her imprint and artistic signature endure, bestowing each artwork with a distinctive and unparalleled strength. Her creations mirror the authenticity and richness of the human experience. We invite you to delve into the profound meaning of the “Metamorphosis” exhibition, an artistic showcase that captures the essence of change and the evolution of her talent.

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