Mallorca, Spain. 1994


Elena Gual (Mallorca, 1994) stands out for her technique and handling of light. At just 16 years old, she moved to England to further her painting studies, won second prize at the “Painters Stainer’s Competition” in London, and at that moment decided to move to Florence to begin her career in drawing and classical painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, a decision that marks her technique.

After graduating, Gual exhibited in Paris in an individual exhibition commissioned by Wendy Lauwers, at Chatêau des Terrases. Shortly after, she exhibited in Venice, parallel to the Venice Biennale at the Palazzo Mora. Later, she was part of the “Cap Ferrat” collective in France.

In 2020, she does an artist residency and her first exhibition in London with the Grove Square Gallery. In 2021, Arena Martínez Projects offers to take her to the Estampa 2021 Art Fair, her first fair and exhibition in Spain. At the end of 2021, Gual also begins to work with Gallery Red in Palma de Mallorca.

Elena Gual has a very marked and recognizable technique, but she continues to investigate new forms and lines of work, always very inspired by her own work and the canvas she plays with when painting.

The theme of women and promoting equality through her work is something that stands out in her work, as well as emotions, hence her new, more abstract line, which is what she is exploring lately along with a study of the human figure to promote equality between different bodies of women. Her process is undoubtedly very marked by her technical studies, since she always begins with a sketch, a study of the composition of the work and a study of the light.

Elena Gual has a technique inspired by the image of interracial women despite continuing to open new lines of work and even venturing into abstraction. Her work is characterized by the use of the palette knife and her knowledge of the techniques of Renaissance painters and classical sculpture. All this thanks to the three years of training at the Florence Academy of Art. Later she moved back to London, where she lived from the age of 16 to continue her training at the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins. She has exhibited in Paris, Venice and London. Back in Spain, Arena Martínez Projects presents its work for the first time in her country at the Estampa 2021 fair, on the occasion of the Art Madrid fair, her work can be seen for the second time in Spain.

Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Artists - Elena Gual - 01
Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Artists - Elena Gual - 05
Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Artists - Elena Gual - 04
Arena Martinez Projects - Contemporary Art - Artists - Elena Gual - 03


I am a Spanish painter, wishing to one day become an artist in all forms. But in the meantime my passion for this one is my commitment. What I love about my job or even about the art form itself, is the way I can reproduce with my hands what others cannot see, or what I cannot say until it is captured. I am eager to keep learning, and to teach what I have learned.

Traveling is my favorite sort of inspiration. The aesthetics and features of people, colors and architecture of each place I visit, transmits what my eyes cannot see in dreams. So once I am back at my studio I tend to reflect on what I have learned on a canvas.



-Assistant teacher for 3rd formers in her free periods.

-Participation at the Painter Stainer’s Competition in London, where she obtained the 2nd prize.


-Gap Year where she realized she wanted to dedicate her life to the Art studies.


-Classical Painting & Drawing Degree at UNIVERSITY AT THE FLORENCE ACADEMY OF ART Florence & New York.

-Sculpture as Asight subject.

-Worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for a semester at their “copyist program” reproducing “Madame X” by John Singer Sargent.


-Exploration on my own painting style.

-Became freelance.

-Painter through commission painting and selling my own projects.

Solo shows


-Solo exhibition “Metamorphosis” with ARMA GALLERY. Madrid, Spain.


-Solo Exhibition at Grove Square Gallery- London, UK.


-Solo Exhibition and Artistic residency at Grove Square Gallery- London, UK.


-Exhibition in Paris curated by Wendy Lauwers.

-Biennale exhibition in Venice, personal room at Palazzo Mora (9th of May – 24th of November).


– Encuentro. ARMA GALLERY, Madrid, Spain.

– Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair – ARMA GALLERY.

– Estampa Art Fair 2023 – Arma Gallery, Madrid.

– Art Madrid Art Fair, February 2023 – Arma Gallery, Madrid.


– “Estampa” Art Fair, October 2022, with Arma Gallery – Madrid, Spain.

– “Art Madrid” Art Fair, February 2022, with Arma Gallery – Madrid, Spain.

– Group exhibition at the El Brocense Art Center of the Diputación de Cáceres – Spain.

– Group exhibition at “Art Loft” with Gallery Red – Palma, Spain.


– Estampa Art Fair, October 2021 – Arma Gallery, Madrid, Spain.


– Group exhibition in Cap Ferrat – France.

Charity & Collaborations

-Online Workshops (live Instagram).

-Collaboration with Royal Bliss (Coca-Cola).

-Workshops at Masterpiece London.

-Charity Works for Covid19 supplies (@materialcoronavirus).


-Collaboration with Penhaligons for Shopping&Styles magazine from El País.

-.Collaboration with Bell Hooks, book cover for Todo Sobre el Amor