Seleka Muñoz

Sevilla, Spain, 1982


Seleka Muñoz: a pioneer of Andalusian graffiti and an avant-garde artist

Seleka Muñoz began painting graffiti in the streets of Seville in 1993, at the age of 10. Today he goes beyond the figure of a graffiti painter to be considered a cultural agitator, curator, gallery owner and artist who has played a fundamental role in the development of graffiti in Andalusia.

Seleka is part of a generation of committed, active, innovative and relevant graffiti artists. Seleka emerged as a key figure in the shadow of the Spanish graffiti scene in the late 90s and early 2000s, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Andalusian graffiti.

In his studio, he immerses himself in the world of traditional oil and canvas painting, backed by a solid self-taught academic knowledge. Within this space, he consciously and deliberately moves away from the traditional codes of the graffiti movement to explore and master other forms of expression through abstract painting. His main interest is in using the codes of avant-garde painting to try to say something new.

Seleka Muñoz consciously immerses himself in contemporary art, where his abstraction becomes timeless. His studio work is characterized by the creation of contemporary abstract works that defy convention and draw on his innate talent.

Seleka Muñoz is an artist who transcends boundaries and categories, merging the world of graffiti with contemporary painting.

His work is a testament to his dedication, hard work and unwavering desire to share his vision with the world.

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As a self-taught artist, I consider myself an exceptionally curious person, always willing to explore new creative avenues using materials and techniques that may have been used a century ago. My aim is to breathe new life into these artistic traditions, allowing my perspective to bring a fresh touch to the vast mountain of abstract painting.

Every visit to my studio is an opportunity, a story revealed through wordless language. Each story holds an infinite number of possibilities, and my task is to choose one. Some may perceive a lack of coherence between the different series of paintings I develop simultaneously, but for me the true essence lies in the freedom of not being limited by a single approach. It is through this constant search that I discover little treasures that help to shape my view of the world and my artistic practice.

I see my time in the studio as an endless research, a constantly evolving journey. Each brushstroke, each experiment and each new perspective takes me beyond the limits of my own knowledge, enriching my understanding of painting and of myself as an artist. This relentless practice motivates me to explore, to innovate and to continue to discover the mysteries that lie at the intersection of tradition and the more contemporary.

Ultimately, my art is my silent voice, a medium that seeks to communicate emotions, It is a medium for the communication of emotions, concepts and visions that are beyond the reach of purely rational understanding.


Solo shows

  • Wallflower. Breach Gallery, Miami, USA.
  • Bien Jugao. Fundación Casa Santa Ana, Panamá city, Panamá.
  • Encore. Mirus Gallery Denver, USA.
  • Out of the blue. Duo show with Javier Parrilla. Galeria Berlin, Sevilla.
  • Fruta del Tiempo. Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA.

  • Arché. Adda & Sarto Gallery, Paris, Francia.

Group shows

  • Encuentro. ARMA GALLERY, Madrid, Spain.
  • Pintores de Sevilla. Fundación Valentín de Madariaga. Sevilla.
  • The awakening. Mirus Gallery. Los Angeles, USA.
  • Subasta proyecto hombre. Fundación cajasol. Sevilla, España.
  • A la manera de. Galería Rafael Ortiz. Sevilla
  • Just Mad Art Fair. Madrid. Arma Gallery.
  • 101. Adda & Sarto Gallery. Paris, Francia.
  • Pretenso. Cerquone Projects. Madrid, Esp.
  • Aporias. Mirus Gallery. San Francisco, USA.
  • UVNT art fair. Adda & Sarto. Madrid, España
  • Exposición colectiva. Valerius art gallery. Luxemburgo
  • Creença. Konvent, Barcelona.
  • El pensamiento en la boca. Sala Cajasol. Sevilla, España.

Art in collections (Selected)

  • The Roux Collection. Panamá.
  • Colección Rucandio. Madrid, España.
  • Colección Fundación Cajasol. Sevilla, España.
  • Colección Loma. Madrid, España.
  • Colección Eric Meniger. Paris, France.
  • Elphège and the pink forest collection. Paris, France.