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Works on paper by Elena Gual

Elena Gual has dazzled with her recent series titled “People of Madrid,” marking a milestone by venturing into the realm of works on paper for the first time. This shift not only signifies a significant artistic evolution but also expands her already impressive portfolio.

Elena’s creative exploration on paper was not without challenges. Previous attempts to use oil on paper proved futile due to the lack of suitable paper to convey her works using this technique. However, a recent revelation led her to a specific cotton paper that seamlessly harmonizes with her artistic vision, technical preferences, and materials. This discovery has opened an unexplored dimension in her works, blending the palpable texture of paper with the unique expressiveness of oil and her mastery of the impasto technique.

Each piece in “People of Madrid” captures the essence of individuals in the vibrant Spanish capital through Elena’s distinctive style characterized by the use of the palette knife. These paper portraits exude a sense of intimacy, immersing viewers in individual stories and the collective spirit of the people of Madrid.

El Retiro became a stage for a unique artistic experience as Elena embraced the creative challenge of spontaneously portraying volunteers as models. The premise was to capture the very essence of each individual through swift and agile strokes, foregoing in-depth knowledge of her subjects.

Each portrait thus becomes an emotional snapshot, a window into the souls of the volunteers, showcasing the skill acquired during her classical training in life drawing.

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Adding a special nuance to this series is its recent counterpart, “People of Mexico.” Following the same dynamic approach used in Madrid, Elena expands her exploration of diverse cultures and human experiences. The juxtaposition of these two series creates a fascinating narrative of interconnection, a visual dialogue between two distinct yet interconnected worlds.

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With the holiday season approaching, Elena Gual’s series “People of Madrid” takes on unique significance. The choice of paper as a medium, along with the intimate scale of the works, makes them visually captivating and thoughtful gifts. The series transforms into more than an art collection; it becomes a sincere piece, a fragment of the soul of Madrid to be shared.

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