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Jorge Nava presents “The Flowers of Good” at the MARTE fair in Castellón

In the recent edition of the MARTE fair in Castellón, artist Jorge Nava presented his captivating series of artworks titled “The Flowers of Good.” This collection is a testament to the profound relationship the artist has maintained with flowers over the years, from his early days as a figurative painter to his foray into abstract art and his return to floral representation.

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For Jorge Nava, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that he contemplates with faith and respect. The seasonal changes and their emotional impact on his life are directly reflected in his work. Furthermore, the influence of his grandmother, who painted flowers authentically and intuitively, is also present in these artworks, paying tribute to her joy and vitality.

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Flowers, for the artist, have been present in a disguised form throughout his artistic career, such as the abstract stains he uses in his paintings. The artist approaches the subject matter in a completely experimental way, improvising intuitively without sketches or preconceived images. In a hedonistic and vital act, he creates and invents his own flowers, exploring the beauty and essence of their existence through painting.

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Although his approach is avant-garde and abstract, Jorge Nava is aware of the rich history of floral painting and its importance in art. He considers himself a classical painter, interested in timeless subjects such as portraiture, landscape, still life, and the nude. In his vision, flowers symbolize the joy of living, desire, ephemeral beauty, decay, and death, thus representing a complete life cycle.

With “The Flowers of Good,” Jorge Nava invites us to immerse ourselves in his artistic world, where experimentation, vitality, and symbolism intertwine to create a unique visual and emotional experience. Each artwork is an expression of his connection with nature and an exploration of the nuances of human existence.

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