Burgos, Spain. 1956


Papartus, (Merindad de Río Ubierna, Burgos, 1956). Currently lives and works in Madrid where his powerful expressive force and pronounced plastic qualities, with his dense material space and marked baroque features, are a decisive statement of principles.

The work is an allegory to life in all its heterogeneity, in all its unstoppable and overwhelming impulse. And it conveys a message that transcends clearly: the artist’s creative freedom beyond what market policies dictate. “The accumulated experience over time and passion for painting is what we can see in Papartus’ works. Fragments of the life and feelings of a painter.” – Rosa Olivares comments on his latest works.

Individually, Papartus has exhibited his work in centers, spaces, fairs, and galleries in Madrid, Zaragoza (1995), Augsburg, Germany (1996), Lugo (1997), Pamplona (1999), Cáceres (2000), Barcelona (2001), Lisbon (2002), Asturias and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2003), Barcelona and Malaga (2004), Segovia (2006), Lisbon (2018 and 2019). At the collective level, he has been part of the two most important fairs in the Spanish scene, Estampa and Arco from 200-2021.

Papartus has publications from important critics such as Rosa Olivares, Ernesto Castro, Robert C. Morgan, Julio César Abad, Miguel Logroño, Fernando Castro, (among others). The artist’s presence in the press is remarkable; he has been on the cover of ABC Cultural and has been published in newspapers such as “El Mundo,” magazines like “Lapiz” or “Exit,” “arte internacional,” etc.

In terms of presence in public collections, his work can be found in different Boxes, both private and public collections, such as the City Council of Pamplona, Caja Rural de Huesca, Caja de Segovia, the Tomas y Valiente Art Center in Madrid, the College of Architects of Malaga, the Citibank collection, Prosegur collection (among others).

Among his recent exhibitions, the “Crumbs on the Sheets” stands out, a double exhibition at the College of Architects of Madrid (2018) and “Crumbs on the Sheets” at the CEART of Madrid (2018). Both exhibitions are curated by Robert C. Morgan, curator, artist, critic, art historian, and poet, who urges Papartus to bring to light these twelve years of the artist’s work in the intimacy of his studio. The exhibitions bring together a total of 40 pieces distributed in two spaces, 25 large-format works in the Mercadal Room at COAM, and a selection of 15 pieces that complement and dialogue with those exhibited at COAM, forming a closed whole.

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Although the present and the future are unpredictable and difficult to master, the human being feels the need to fight against the chaos that the environment and the world organize.

I believe that the role of an artist is to seek to form alternatives to organizational logic, deconstructing the established order and rebuilding it again from within the freedom that creativity offers.

After exhibiting my works for 13 years, in 2006 I decided to focus on developing my creative process and therefore stopped exhibiting.

I think now is the right time to re-exhibit my work under my initial signature: PAPARTUS.



– Solo show at ARMA Gallery.
– Solo show with “ARENA MARTINEZ Projects”.
– Solo show at Galeria Edurne.
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– “Malpais II”. Data Gallery. Oviedo.
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– «Work on paper». Antonio Pinyol Gallery. Reus.
– «De civitasgingivae». The Citadel exhibition hall. Pamplona.
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– “El mirador de Sarajevo”. Ignacio Varez Gallery. Madrid.
– “Desayuno con Arena”. Edurne Gallery. Madrid.
– Arch 93. «One man show», Edurne Gallery. Madrid.


– ArtMadrid March 2024 with ARMA GALLERY, Madrid, Spain.
– Encuentro. ARMA GALLERY, Madrid, Spain.
– Estampa 2023 Art Fair – ARMA GALLERY, Madrid.
– Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair – ARMA GALLERY.
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– Estampa – ARMA GALLERY.
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-“Identities II”. Edurne Gallery. Madrid
-«ARCO’03». Bores & Mallo Gallery. Caceres / Lisbon.
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-«Summer Collective». Bach Quatre Gallery. Barcelona
-“El zoco del arte”. Macula Gallery. Santa Cruz of Tenerife.
-«ARCO’02». Bores & Mallo Gallery. Caceres.
-«El vino colectivo». Antonio Pinyol Gallery. Reus. Tarragona.
-“Maravillas.” Belarde Gallery 20. Madrid
-«ARCO´01». Bores & Mallo Gallery. Madrid.
-Kunst Cologne. Antonio Pinyol Gallery. Cologne
-”Arte Lisboa” Bores & Mallo Gallery. Lisbon.
-«Estampa» Engraving Fair. La Caja Negra Gallery. Madrid.
-“Maravillas.” Belarde Gallery 20. Madrid
-”Colectiva” Dasto Gallery. Oviedo. Asturias.


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Public Collections

-Tomás y Valiente Art Center (CEART). Fuenlabrada. Madrid.

-Pamplona City Council.

-Rural Bank of Huesca.

-College of Architects of Malaga.

-Citibank Collection. Madrid.

-Prosegur Collection. Madrid.

-Museum of Contemporary Art of Cartagena. Murcia.

-Huarte Museum. Navarre.

-Caceres Provincial Council.

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