Puertollano, Spain. 1972


Juana González (Puertollano, Ciudad Real, 1972) has a degree in Fine Arts from theComplutense University of Madrid. Her work by her has been shown in different national and international spaces such as the Sala Robayera (Cantabria), the Museum of the City of Móstoles, the Museum of the University of Alicante or the Musée des Beaux-Arts de La Chaux-de- Funds in Switzerland. It has been recognized with the honorable mention of the ABC Awards of Painting and Photography (2003), the Contemporary Art Meetings of the Alicante Institute of Culture Juan Gil-Albert (2012), The Franked Circuit of the Casa Franca de Madrid (2015) or the VIII Meeting of New Artists of Santiago de Compostela (2018).It is currently represented internationally by the Galerie Tournemire de Paris.(France) and Galerie 100 Kubik in Cologne (Germany), and nationwide by Arena Martínez Projects.Since 2018 he has had several publications in different media (editorial, press, reportTV).Juana González’s work is developed in the disciplines of painting and drawing.The imposing-size paintings feature characters involved in mysterious tasks in a complex and original set. Her style is part of the expressionism, surrealism and narrative figuration.

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I would like my art not to require too much in the way of explanations in order to work, and these two ideological references let me develop this idea. A work of art for me is an autonomous entity that transmits or communicates emotions, information, knowledge, etc. I have nothing against a discourse added a posteriori, but the artistic goal should work by itself in the first encounter with the viewer.

I don’t think that all art should be understood. My own posture with art, both in creating it and contemplating it, does not involve any mental attitudes that search for the documentary, informative, logical or investigative. Precisely what interests me is what cannot or does not need to be explained or understood as a whole. I find this very attractive because it gives rise to curiosity and questions with no clear answers in whoever is contemplating it and does not exclude people from a reflective process.

I always try to keep the mystery and create states of confusion and uncertainty. These sensations are very real to me, because life constantly places you in states of uncertainty. Of course, my taste for the dark, grotesque and harsh means I find a certain pleasure in these states of confusion and uncertainty that I try to create. My paintings are stagings of a somewhat Baroque composition, scenarios in which the characters are involved in a story. There is a narrative, but it is incomplete. They are fragments of a story in which I don’t know exactly what is happening, and I don’t want to know either. I wish to remain in that state of confusion and bewilderment that contemplating a mysterious scene leaves you in. But it shouldn’t be absolutely meaningless, that’s not what I am interested in. I think that there are sufficient elements to construct possible narrations, depending on the way everyone looks at it. The viewer thus takes part in the game of trying to read, understand and uncover the meaning.


1972 / Puertollano (Ciudad Real)

Degree in fine arts. Complutense University of Madrid. 2005



-Artist selected at the VIII Encuentro Artistas Novos 2018 at the Cidade Da Cultura / Santiago de Compostela.


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-Honorable Mention ABC Awards for Painting and Photography.



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-Drawing Room Art Fair / Siboney Gallery/ Madrid.

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