Revista: 4 artists not to be missed from the Madrid Art Week | Wycliffe Mundopa

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - based in Madrid - Press - Wycliffe Mundopa - Revista Magazine

The highlighted article in “Revista” magazine showcases the presence of Wycliffe Mundopa, a Zimbabwean artist represented by our gallery ARMA GALLERY, at the Madrid Art Week. Mundopa’s work, characterized by a strong feminine presence and an undeniable political and social tone, aims to reflect the reality of the inhabitants of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. […]

El Grito: “Elena Gual and Her Women Sculpted with Paint”

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Elena Gual - Press - El Grito - 2024

“El Grito” presents an exclusive interview with Elena Gual, an emerging artist who is part of our gallery, Arma Gallery. In this article, we delve into the captivating story behind the artist’s works, which focus on female portraits filled with innovation and depth. From her resilience in the face of personal challenges to her constant […]

Elle Decor: The figurative painter from Mallorca who triumphs with her beautiful portraits of women made with a palette knife.

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Press - Elena Gual - Elle Decor - 01

“Elle Decor” has conducted an exclusive interview with Elena Gual, one of the artists represented by Arma Gallery. In this interview, the trajectory of this figurative painter from Mallorca is highlighted, known for her exquisite portraits of women created with a palette knife. Elena discovered her passion for painting after seeing Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” […]

Pleasures of Body Painting: Exploring the Sensual Imagery of Wycliffe Mundopa

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Wycliffe Mundopa Solo Show - Madrid 2024 - 04

At the end of Balzac’s “The Unknown Masterpiece,” the painting that Frenhofer has created of the beautiful nude model is finally revealed, and the surprise is terrible: the desire to see unveils a “wall of paint,” a crazed tangle of gestures that seem to bury a real foot, the trace of a lost body. This […]

Cultura Inquieta: Natalia Romanciuc at Art Madrid’24

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Natalia Romanciuc - Cultura Inquieta - Art Madrid 2024

Once again, the effervescence of contemporary art takes over the capital in the 19th edition of Art Madrid, set to take place from March 6th to 10th at the Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. In this vibrant gathering, Cultura Inquieta has highlighted the work “Lovers” by Natalia Romanciuc, which will be part of […]

Arma Gallery: Urvanity Contemporary Fair

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Urvanity Art Fair - 2024 - 07

This year, Arma Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the Urvanity contemporary art fair, opening its doors on March 7th at Matadero and running until March 10th. You can find us at booth A20, where you’ll discover works by three of our artists: Natalia Romanciuc Firstly, Natalia Romanciuc, a young Moldovan artist renowned […]

Alianza Hispánica: Natalia Romanciuc

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Press - Alianza Hispánica - Natalia Romanciuc

Alianza Hispánica has issued a press release on the exhibition by Natalia Romanciuc hosted at our space in Madrid. The article highlights the essence and artistic diversity of Natalia Romanciuc, who, through various mediums such as manifestos, poetry, drawing, ceramics, and more, explores the connection between chaos and harmony. The exhibition reflects the artist’s connection […]

PAC: “Natalia Romanciuc at ARMA Gallery”

ARMA GALLERY - Contemporary Art - Press - PAC - Natalia Romanciuc

In the recent press release from the Platform of Contemporary Art (PAC), the spotlight is on the opening of the solo exhibition “All of Them and None” by the young Moldovan artist Natalia Romanciuc at ARMA Gallery, Madrid. The exhibition showcases large-format works, subjective expressionism, and ceramic pieces, some of which were created by the […]

Natalia Romanciuc x ARMA Gallery: All of Them and None

ARMA GALLERY - contemporary art - Solo Show - All of them and none - 11

On January 18th, ARMA GALLERY at 30 Valverde Street, Madrid, will unveil the solo exhibition of artist Natalia Romanciuc. This event will immerse us in a unique conceptual journey, exploring the deepest layers of human existence through the artist’s works. The exhibition will be open for visits from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 […]